Flight Of Swallows


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Corona Borealis

by Flight of Swallows

Conceptualized by Flight of Swallows guitarist/composer, George Kotler-Wallace as an aural and visual meditation on the chakra system. This work was developed as a part of the 2016 Atlanta Fringe Festival, Corona Borealis as a stage production and went the breadth of all of the chakras. On this debut EP, only four of the chakras are represented, with a fifth track that was created from a soundtrack to a dream.

all music, every note, was created through structured improvisations by flight of swallows.

©2017, flight of swallows, bmi

This record is dedicated to the memories of our dear friends and collaborators Terry, Sacha, and Jacosa. They will always inspire us; we will always love them. 


deisha oliver-millar - cello

george kotler-wallace* - guitars, knobs, pedals

terry boling - singing saw

renee nelson - harp, toy piano

stephanie francesca kohler - harmonium, beats

rasheeda ali - flute

christopher salmon - fiddle

sadie "hawkins” simons, annmarie spexet, ryan mathern, kristina guede, and tony schott created the movement that inspired the music & the musicians created music to inspire the movement.

*music & concept direction by george kotler-wallace

sound engineered by robert green at unity studios, norcross, ga

mastered by rich stratton at red tuxedo mastering, atlanta, ga

special thanks to: the goat farm arts center and downtown players club for giving us space to create and develop work.


  • 7:54
    Flight of Swallows
  • 5:11
    Flight of Swallows
  • 4:18
    Flight of Swallows