Flight Of Swallows

| kinetic synaesthesia |


Flight of Swallows was established in 2010 when co-founders Deisha Oliver-Millar and Sadie Hawkins began to explore collaborative improvisation: music and movement working together. Since then, they have invited an ever-evolving group of musicians and physical performance artists to join in creating moody, magical one-time-only experiences in venues ranging from traditional theaters, to galleries, to non-traditional public art spaces.


Sadie Hawkins - aerial, fan dance, fire

Ann Marie Spextet - aerial, cyr wheel

Kristina Guede - dancer

Tony Schott - movement

Jacosa Kato - trapeze

Kasumi Kato - silks


Deisha Oliver-MIllar - cello

Terry Boiling - singing saw

George Kotler-Wallace - lap steel, pedal steel, effects wizard, guitars

Blake Helton - percussion

Sacha Dzuba - sax, guitar, keyboard

Mario Schambon - percussion

Scott Burland - theremin

Bryant Upchurch - wrench-o-phone

Tricia Chenard - accordion

Nathan Brown - percussion

Michelle Griffin - soprano voice

Majda Anwar - violin

Michael Poteet - percussion

Skylar Ross - bass

Ian Robert Flürrance - stand up bass

Cory Fica - percussion

Brian Kirk - bass

Colin Bragg - guitar

Renee Nelson - harp

Klimchak  - percussion & sound maker

Stephanie Francesca Kohler - monkey chant, harmonium

Rasheeda Ali - flute

Christopher Salmon - fiddle


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